Travel to British Virgin Islands


If you are looking for a warm tropical destination to spend your next vacation, look no further because the destination indicated is the British Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands are located east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. British Virgin Islands consist of 59 islands, of which 16 are inhabited and 43 uninhabited. There are two types of geography in the British Virgin Islands, on the one hand is rugged, volcanic topography and on the other side are the flat coral islands. Crown Mountain is the highest point in the British Virgin Islands. The island’s climate is tropical with low humidity and seasonal variation in temperature is very low.

Enjoy outdoor activities on the island and see the beautiful landscape is usually the reasons why people come to the BVI. The BVI has white sand beaches bathed by the beautiful blue ocean is a temptation that many people can not resist. Other attractions of the BVI include visiting historic villages, churches, botanical gardens and the museum in Road Town. Also in The British Virgin Islands are also snorkeling and diving and there are numerous adventure tours.

Seafood is the favorite dish in the British Virgin Islands. Several dishes of fish and lobster can be found in most small restaurants. In addition, many other ethnic dishes available in the British Virgin Islands, such as Italian, French and Asian.

The visa and passport rules are strictly enforced in ports, especially for tourists sailing yachts. From June 2009 the certified birth certificates are no longer accepted and ferry operators can only lead to U.S. citizens













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