Travel to Saint Lucia


Santa Lucia is a Caribbean dream that comes true: a tropical jewel is an island that is still relatively unknown and undeveloped, although it does offer a good range of accommodation for tourists, including some discreet resorts. Santa Lucia is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, situated midway of the Eastern Caribbean chain between Martinique and St. Vincent, north of Barbados. This small island is only 27 miles (43 kilometers) long and 14 miles (23km) wide, with a avocado.

The main landmarks of the volcanic island of St. Lucia are the Pitons, two soaring peaks on its southern coast that rise from the sea and give life to the magnificent dense rain forest where wild orchids grow and tropical birds abound of bright feathers. The Creole people of the island are as warm as the tropical climate, and visitors are treated with a lot of smiles. In St. Lucia the tourists will take full advantage of the island’s natural beauty and secluded golden beaches, where coral reefs attract snorkelers and divers.


Most visitors are day visitors arriving on cruise ships in the island’s main port, Castries, and generally do more than just souvenirs. Those who have time to explore, however, are delighted with hiking, biking and natural beauty spots on the island, including the fascinating Soufriere volcano, with its bubbling sulfur springs.

The island has been left with a French flavor, although the first settlers in the 17th century were British. The colonial history of the island said that was settled by Arawak Indians around 200 AD, then there was a long saga of battles for control of St. Lucia between the French and British. Britain eventually won the war in 1814 and granted independence to the Community of St. Lucia in 1979.













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