Cerro Punta


Cerro Punta, Panama is the pride of the province of Chiriqui. The place is surrounded by mountains, where the Indians obtained their main source of income. The fields are planted with different types of flowers, fruits and vegetables for export. The climate is tropical and humid with light showers in the morning. Clouds often cover the entire people and they are located just two miles above the sea level.

Cerro Punta is located in the suburb of Guadalupe, there are many stunning orchids waiting to be discovered within the Finca Dracula Orchid Farm in the world prettier. You can see there more than 2000different types of orchids in an area of 22 acres that will leave you wondering how there may be an incredibly unique flowers. The best time to go here is between the months of March and April when all the vegetation are in full bloom.

La Amistad International Park is a World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Although it is shared by Panama and Costa Rica, is still considered as the largest nature reserve in Central America. You soon reach the National Park about 45 minutes drive from Concepcion, one of the city of David town. There you can enjoy the humid climate of Cerro Punta. A magnificent fusion of plants and animalscan be seen while strolling along the park. Strange insects that have not been discovered yet hides behind the green pastures of the highlands.

When you visit the National Park must use an insect repellent on the skin for additional protection. Take a jacket at night and quite refreshing. Knowledge of flora and fauna is the best activity to do in Cerro Punta.