Overview of Nicaragua:

Nicaragua is a paradise for nature lovers of deserted beaches, virgin forests, freshwater lakes and volcanoes noisy. Nicaragua was once seen as a holiday destination dangerous and unsafe “, one can say that Nicaragua has now passed the civil unrest, dictatorship, and natural disasters, and is now a major destination for tourists who are looking holidays on idyllic beaches.

With a picturesque setting, Nicaragua offers a quieter alternative to its neighbor Costa Rica. The inhabitants of Nicaragua are friendly, the scenery is beautiful and there are a lot of attractions to do in Nicaragua. In recent years Nicaragua has begun to focus on the development of ecotourism. Tourists are realizing that the pristine habitat of Nicaragua can attract many tourists. In fact, in Nicaragua and there are large housing complexes and there are many small-scale hotels that have been installed in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua you can go hiking and excursions to the volcanoes and forests are often an integral part of hotel services and private tours.

Geography of Nicaragua:

Nicaragua’s borders are north and Honduras to Costa Rica to the south. To the east lies the Caribbean Sea and western Pacific Ocean. In the north of Nicaragua are the mountains of Isabel. Another feature of the country in the southwest is Lake Nicaragua, 148 kilometers (92 miles) long and about 55 kilometers (34 miles) at its widest part. The island of Ometepe is the largest of the 310 islands that are within the lake. These islands have a reputation of great beauty and are one of the attractions of Nicaragua. Lake Managua is situated to the northwest. Nicaragua’s volcanoes, includes the famous Momotombo protruding from the surrounding lowlands northwest of the lakes. The major rivers are the San Juan and Rio Grande, which are the lowest in the country and forms the border with Costa Rica. Corn Islands in the Caribbean are two small beautiful islands surrounded by white coral and palms. They are very popular as holiday resorts for Nicaraguans and foreign tourists.













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