Runaway Bay


Runaway Bay is said to be the site that was first seen by Christopher Columbus. It was once a subordinate of the city town Ocho Rios. It is now a tourist destination in its own right, with white sandy beaches are more intimate and less crowds.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the solitude and the fun of the white sand beaches, Runaway Bay gives you this option. You can enjoy the beautiful waters and walk on the white sand beaches while feeling the intimacy of the area.

Runaway Bay is especially recommended for people who want a relaxing holiday without the hordes of tourists who tend to spoil your peace.

Things to do in Runaway Bay:

Runaway Bay offers several activities that will surely be a fun experience for maximum excitement and relaxation. You can do a lot of water sports. Snorkeling is one of the best activities for water because of the many areas that are suitable for this activity in Runaway Bay.

There is also the Super Clubs Runaway Golf Club, where you can have fun playing golf.

Riding can be fun. Just go to the Chukka Caribbean Adventures in St. Ann to less than 6 miles from Runaway Bay. Besides horseback riding, can also participate in hiking, biking, kayaking, and adventure safari in the Chukka Ocean.

Attractions in Runaway Bay:

The Center & Bob Marley Mausoleum This is located on Nine Mile Beach, the birthplace of reggae artist Bob Marley which is operated by the Marley family. Here you will see the former home of one of the biggest names in Jamaica and the art world.













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