Getting there and around Cuba


Rent a car in Cuba

The easiest way to explore Cuba is renting a car. The roads are


very good and very quiet. Just be careful with the many pedestrians, cyclists, horse carts and even oxen traveling slowly even on motorways. Take into account that in some parts of the island of reckless driving and car hire in Cuba is not cheap. Many drivers do not use their lights at night, and many roads are bad signs. You may be able to rent a car with driver or for about the same cost. This varies by city, in some areas to tourists were forbidden to travel in private vehicles and taxis should only be used.

Car rental is available everywhere. It is even possible to return the car in a different city from where he was hired.

Many Cubans do finger as a way to move locally. Government vehicles are required by law to pick up passengers.

Travel by air in Cuba

Cuba has an extensive domestic air flights within the country which are not very expensive. Most domestic flights propeller planes are smaller and are 25% cheaper in connection with your international ticket.

Travel by bus in Cuba

Since 1991 the services of long distance buses have

cuba plane havana airport
cuba plane havana airport

been very bad and now to get a ticket can be difficult . Book the ticket in person and advance purchase is required as a confirmation in person two hours before departure. Rail travel in Cuba is now more feasible since there are still some important connections that do not provide bus services. Some neighbors have become entrepreneurs using large trucks and today serve as public transport vehicles and offer trips along the roads most popular buses.

Viazul bus system is an efficient and comfortable long distance transportation in Cuba. You can view their schedules and prices on their web pages. It should be fairly easy to get a ticket at the bus station. The buses are clean and precise with their departure and arrival. Few Cubans travel by bus because of cost, to be paid in local currency.

Note that Cuba has vast distances between cities. The trip from Havana to Santiago de Cuba can take about 15 hours by bus. It is best to fly because the bus goes through some very rural areas that offer no interesting scenery and most of the trip is at night. However, if you plan to visit the country stopping at different cities in Cuba, the bus can be a good choice.

Travel by train in Cuba

The disappearance of Jamaica Railroad in 1992 means that Cuba is currently the only Caribbean country with a railway running. The train service stops at all the regional capitals and they are much more reliable for getting around Cuba than buses. Tickets are easily available and train travel in Cuba may be a way to relax and see the country.

Local transport in Cuba

If you stay at a resort or hotel in a tourist area, it is easy to get a taxi, be sure to confirm prices before accepting the trip.

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