Travel to Aruba


Aruba is the most popular island in the Dutch Caribbean, Aruba attracts crowds of couples on honeymoon and all the sun lovers to its sandy shores. Aruba is 20 miles long and is an island where you can dine on red snapper, playing in the glitzy casinos, and surf in the sun all year round. The past of the city of Aruba is Dutch architecture seen in its bustling capital, Oranjestad, and abandoned gold mines in Arikok National Park. The platinum line of golden sand beaches of its west coast is pretty amazing. And Aruba’s east coast is rugged, with steep limestone cliffs.

Things to do in Aruba

Some of the best beaches in Aruba are located in the west and south coasts, including Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. To find secluded beaches, go to Baby Beach, where locals also go Aruba. We recommend to visit in Aruba the heart-shaped entrance of the cave system called the Tunnel of Love located in Arikok National Park.Take a tour on a ship at sea and then to dive with fish of many colors.East of Oranjestad, take a walk around the mysterious Ayo, where you can see the rock formations of rock and trees Casibari windswept-Divi-divi.

Shopping in Aruba:

Enjoy your guilders domino boxes hand painted. Buy Delft porcelain, and plastic iguanas Oranjestad. Relax in the market near the port.Buy diamonds along Main Street, try the gingerbread. To soothe sunburn, you want cooling aloe vera Aruba Aloe Museum and factory.Buy something amazing for a gala night at the casinos in the high fashion boutiques in the commercial center of the Renaissance.

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Nightlife and Entertainment in Aruba:


At night, the air is filled with the infectious sounds of salsa, reggaeton, merengue, and the Tomb of which are very rhythms heard in Oranjestad.
Take a cocktail at sunset at Mambo Jambo, one of the liveliest nightclubs on the island, or dancing a waltz in the Bon Bini Festival. Play a game of Caribbean Stud Poker in one of the casinos in Aruba.
Remember: The locals love to dress up and do not appreciate beachwear in nightclubs.

Restaurants and Food in Aruba

Dining in Aruba is a ritual of indulgence and romance. Its proximity to South America brings spice marinade. Green papaya stew is a culinary delight in Aruba. It’s like crispy corn bread but softer. Fresh seafood is abundant in Aruba, especially in the comfortable confines of the old fisherman, an institution of the island. Whether you have a dinner at a beachside bar in Palm Beach, or in an opulent restaurant in Oranjestad, you are guaranteed a high quality cuisine.