Culebra, Puerto Rico, is also known as the Culebra Island or Snake Island, an island-municipality of Puerto Rico. Culebra, Puerto Rico was occupied by the Taino Indians and pirates and later discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. After a long history, the city gained independence in 1917. Its flag has 5 vertical stripes, alternately yellow and green. In the center is a map of Culebra.

Culebra, Puerto Rico has several islands and many of which are classified as nature reserves. One of the oldest sanctuaries for birds was established here in Culebra. Many birds and lizards live on islands. The Culebra giant anole lizard is an endangered rarespecies.

Culebra Island is known for its fresh, clear waters surrounding the archipelago. It has many beaches clean and beautiful. An example of this is Flamenco Beach, which is protected by the Marine Reserve and Wildlife Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Puerto Rico. There are also small beaches that are only accessible by water taxis. We recommend taking pictures of the amazing fauna, provided the activities do not harm the creatures around the islands. Culebra is also a great place for diving as there are many coral reefs that are very visible, because of the clear waters of the island.

In Culebra Island there are activities such as competition for wind surfing, fishing and beach parties with beautiful Caribbean women, these are also some of the reasons why tourists visit this magical place in the Caribbean.