San Juan


San Juan, Puerto Rico is the largest city and capital of Puerto Rico. It was named after the biblical character of San Juan Bautista. In 2000, it ranked as the largest city of 42 jurisdictions in the United States. In1521, Spanish settlers founded the city and called City of Puerto Rico. Today, San Juan, Puerto Rico is considered one of the most important ports in the Caribbean and an important source of finance, a major tourist destination and a great cultural center.

San Juan, Puerto Rico has a tropical humid climate. Enjoy an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in most of the year.

San Juan has many museums, hotels, restaurants, historic buildings, shopping centers and beaches. It is also a popular destination for its famous tourist attractions such as Isla Verde, Ocean Park, Condado and Old San Juan. El Viejo San Juan promotes the historic character of place by maintaining narrow cobblestone streets, forts and defensive walls and colonial buildings. The University of Puerto Ricois the oldest university in the Caribbean and is now touted as one of its most historic.

San Juan is also home to some of the musicians well-known artists. The musical side of San Juan has been heavily influenced byAfro-Caribbean music. Artists such as Justino Diaz, Ricky Martin and Raymond Ayala are the most famous of San Juan, Puerto Rico.