Tela is another bay of the city in Honduras, and is a preferred alternative holiday from visitors. What used to be the local headquarters of the Tela Railroad Company is now a beach resort in Honduras class.


The coastal town of Tela is located between the city of San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, and all this region comprises three national parks, Garifuna villages and excellent beaches that are dynamically driven tourism from the city in recent years. Although it is a quiet town, Tela is perfect for lovers of ecological tourism in search of adventure.

Punta Sal is also a favorite among tourists. This is a Honduran National Park with a healthy and diverse ecosystem found in the sandy and rocky beaches, rivers, ponds, land formations, coral reefs, forests and untapped virgin wildlife . All you need is a bottle of sunscreen and water, and perhaps some insect repellent cream. The dolphins, monkeys, iguanas, crabs, seagulls, unusual birds and trees are just some examples of what you get to see in the park. Punta Sal also boasts the golden silk spider, a species unique.

The city of the island offers elegant accommodation through its extravagant hotels acclimated to the landscape, like the Hotel Mar de Tela, César Mariscos Hotel and the Hotel Maya Vista. Caribbean Coral Inn Bed & Breakfast is the ideal place to stay if you are looking for cozy and comfortable cabins, delicious cuisine and Garifuna.

When traveling to Tela, swimming and tourism is not everything you do there. Visitors can also engage in rafting, trekking and hiking in the rainforest.










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