Getting there and around Belize


In Belize there are plenty of ways to move around Belize. For long distances, planes and buses are the best option. For short distances we suggest you take a bicycle


taxi or ferry. Alternatively, rent your own car it is a very good choice.

In Belize, the local airlines generally are fast and convenient .However, buses provide a more cultural view of Belize and they are the best option for travelers on a tighter budget, as they have very low prices for long distance travel.

In Belize, bicycles are used by the city, but they can also be used bike for riding the mountain. The only downside of the cycle is the amount of potholes on the highways of Belize that can cause punctures. Meanwhile, taxis are quite cheap and quick to travel aorund Belize. Ferries and water taxis serve to get to the islands of Belize and are a good way to check out the Caribbean Sea.
In Belize Car hire is another popular option, but expensive. In Belize, if you rent a car, you will also have to pay car insurance and gasoline. Therefore the price will be expensive if you rent a car in Belize. If you travel to Belize on a tight budget we recommend using public transportation instead Belize rent a car in Belize.

If you use public transportation in Belize only note that can end up trapped between the small towns in a traffic jam. The other way to travel in Belize is using your finger. Of course, this can be very dangerous and should be done at your own risk. Trucks sometimes pick up tourists en route ask for a little cash.

In Belize no matter how far you

Travel Belize
Travel Belize

want to walk or how fast you want to arrive in Belize because there is a mode of transport to meet their needs.

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