The fourth largest city in Honduras, though less visited compared to major cities because it is located in the south, Choluteca. Choluteca city has many tourist


attractions to discover and is a very beautiful city. It is the birthplace of Cecilio del Valle, the founder of Central America, and is home to great beaches and forests as well.

The Gulf of Fonseca is the privileged place of Choluteca, which boasts beautiful beaches, islands and wildlife, Choluteca is easily accessible from the Hotel Honduras Choluteca. Choluteca The Riviera Hotel is another great place to stay as it is near Central Park in the city. Near the park is the city’s public library. Another great place to visit in Choluteca is Ojocal Wildlife Reserve. This is where you can find healthy tropical forests and a large wildlife including white-faced monkeys. The villages around the city also offer good beaches. A budget hotel called Santa Rosa Choluteca offers affordable, friendly and easy access to the area’s best shopping Choluteca. This shopping area is called the old market of San Antonio. It is a great market situated in the center of the city, which sells food, souvenirs and other goods.

Choluteca is also a haven for historical sites, as it has a colonial center, the 17-century cathedral and the Municipal Library building. A great place to eat well in Choluteca is in the Central Dining Hall and the Colonial Café. Both places are located in Central Park and offer meals at reasonable prices.

Choluteca is better than many other cities, for its good combination of historic buildings and nature reserves.

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