San Blas Gulf


A year consists of 365 days while the Gulf of San Blas, consists of 365 islands. This archipelago is home to the Kuna Indian molas ofvarying sizes and designs. Molas are also sold as a souvenir of their culture and lifestyle. They too are the easily recognized by their traditional dress and body paint colors also can paint you in your free time.

In the Kuna Yala in San Blas Hotels Gulf Spanish and can speak a little English. But in all these places will treat you as if it were an official after visiting the place. The moon and the stars will light up all around as the evening apart from that, nothing more because electricity is very limited. Just bring with you some batteries for his cell phone cameras to emergency situations.

You can enter the Gulf of San Blas by plane, boat or land. There is a wide range of attractions are also offered to you, such as coral and a large colorful wildlife. The festivals are widely celebrated in this particular area, because the natives are quite happy and very often celebrate different events. The beautiful gulf beaches are protected by the Kuna tribe so before entering the water, ask permission first to avoid shocks.

When you feel a little hungry, the place is small restaurants where you can buy food. If you do not feel like eating their regular food, regional food stores are also available. The common drink of the natives is not very healthy so it will be better if you bring your own water. April and June are ideal months to visit this island. Now thatyou are informed of the basics of this beautiful resort in Panama, go to the Gulf of San Blas immediately.