Cities of Honduras


Honduras is located in Central America, bordering Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Honduras and Caribbean Sea. At present,


it is not recommended to travel to Honduras due to safety concerns following recent political unrest. Ifyou are thinking of traveling to Honduras, it is best to check the latest updates and travel recommendations that will ensure safe travel.

Before the political struggles, Honduras has been very good to expand the tourism industry. It has also been very good to settle Honduras inthe global map, pushing globalization, sweatshops, and free trade agreements with other nations. However, there are two barriers

Visit Honduras

Visit Honduras

that impede the promotion of tourism in any rule: the issue of gang violence and the problem of HIV / AIDS. Honduras is a country rich in natural resources. But this, too, is fast disappearing due to logging, tree species, especially endangered species like mahogany.

Despite this, Honduras gets its relaxed charm of the people whose provisions appear to have been strongly influenced by the natural attractions. Jeannette Kawas National Park, for example, is the site of pristine beaches and white sand beaches are perfect for snorkeling. Also Yojoa Lake in the Lake District where tourists spend much time getting to know birds, witness the majestic waterfalls and flora and fauna of national parks. Finally, there are gifts for backpackers and independent travelers Utila, which is home to low-budget restaurants, hotels and dive sites.

The main tourist cities of Honduras are:

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