Girls from Puerto Rico


Gender roles in Puerto Rico

Gender division of labor in Puerto Rico:
Gender relations are becoming more egalitarian.
When the island had a subsistence lifestyle, women were important economic producers in rural households and outside the home.

The ideal of the housewife has been listed among the middle and upper classes, but it has become impractical.
In an ideal world, men, women of Puerto Rico are expected to do the dual role of workplace and family labor, but this is changing due to the need to maintain a dual income households.

The relative situation of men and women in Puerto Rico: There is a long tradition of women in Puerto Rico that are active in public life.
In turn the girls in Puerto Rico are intellectuals, writers, activists, policymakers and practitioners. When women’s suffrage was approved in 1932, Puerto Rico elected the first woman in the Western Hemisphere as a legislator.

Marriage, Family and Kinship

Marriage in Puerto Rico:

Puerto Ricans took to the family as a basic cultural value. The family and relatives are seen as the support network most durable and reliable. Although Puerto Rico has a high rate of divorce and infidelity increased, most people prefer marriage to cohabitation.

puerto rico girls

In addition, the virginity of girls in Puerto Rico is not as important as it has in the past. The wedding ceremonies of girls from Puerto Rico may be religious or secular girls from Puerto Rico, but preferably are always included receptions for family and friends.

Despite the fact that staying single is becoming more acceptable, marriage with girls of Puerto Rico is an important marker of adulthood.

For girls in Puerto Rico is preferable not to have children but is increasingly a choice that is taken in pairs. The spouses share the household chores but educating children is still predominantly a function of the girls in Puerto Rico, even among men aimed to look after his family very much.
Male authority is invoked and appealed but the authority of the girls in Puerto Rico in many areas and activities is becoming more respected and accepted.

Family groups of girls in Puerto Rico: The family is expected to support each other, material and emotional. Support is legally required and necessary along the lines of descent, ascent, and collateral.


The elderly are respected.
Kinship is bilateral, and usually people use both the surname of the father and mother.

Inheritance. The civil law requires that a third of the estate should be bequeathed equally among all heirs. Another third can be used to improve the lot of an heir poorer, and the last third are freely available by the testator.
The asset of a person who dies without a will is divided equally among all heirs.

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