Are you planning on taking a long holiday break, but want to go to a different location?


Want to experience a new culture and good food? Then you must travel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with friends and family. Port-au-Prince is the capital city and main seaport and commercial center as well. Tourism is one of the main drivers of the economy of Haiti, so enjoy your stay in Port-au-Prince.

Port-au-Prince, is known for its museums and heritage sites. But these are not tourist attractions where you can only go when you are in this city with a rich culture. If you would like to spend a day on the beach and perfect your tan, the Gulf of La Gonave is the perfect

Port-au-Prince Haiti Central America

Port-au-Prince Haiti Central America

place where you should go. With its fine white sand and crystal clear waters and warm, nothing better than relaxing on the beach when you are visiting Port-au-Prince. When you finish your break in the Gonave you may want to visit tourist attractions including the National Palace, the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, the National Museum and the Museum of Art Haitien du College Saint Peter.

The National Palace is known for being the center of art and culture of the country by its colonial architecture. The same applies to churches and cathedrals of Port-au-Prince. Be sure to stop by these places not only for its religious significance for the inhabitants of the city, but also due to neo-romantic architectural structures.
Port-au-Prince is a place that should definitely be on your top ten places you should visit in Haiti if you want to experience a culture that is both elegant and at the same time the old world.

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