Panama, the southernmost country of Central America discovered by Columbus in the 15th century and today is a tourist destination. Boquete is a mountain retreat in the country, and in recent years has been receiving remarkable feedback tourists from around the world. With its tropical climate has an average temperature of 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit, so will need to carry a good pair of jeans, jacket or coat, hat and a pair of comfortable shoes so you can enjoy your trip.

After New Year’s celebration, this city holds a festival which they call as Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair. All types of flowers and coffee producers gather in an area to give a sample of colors to your visitors. You can take the time for taking photographs. Roses, carnations, dandelions, orchids and some other flowers absolutely captivate your senses.

When you want to do activities such as climbing, hiking, bird watching or hiking adventure, then you should visit the trail of Los Quetzales. With each step you take here, this charming way gently opened just in front of you to show incredible mountain landscapes. Even though I walk over six miles long and never get tired, even if you have to spend three hours walking not feel anything, because the effect of seeing the landscape so charming and breathe air so pure, so full of energy to keep visiting places. You may notice that there are over 200 species of colorful birds flying around the roads in the direction of the jump.

Boquete is indeed a perfect destination for leisure. No wonder people in this neighborhood lived over a hundred years old.