Travel to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago islands

The island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, known colloquially as ‘TNT’, consists of two islands in the southern Caribbean.

These two islands are a geological extension of South America. While between the two islands there is a contrast of cultures, Trinidad and Tobago can offer the best of everything you expect from a Caribbean experience.

Fashion Trinidad, home to the bustling capital of Port of Spain, is sophisticated, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse, its vibrancy reflected in its main attraction, the annual carnival. Locals spend most of the year for the preparation of the luxury adventure February

wWhich is a mixture of calypso music and Caribbean dances.

In the carnival of Trinidad and Tobago are also salsa bands, dazzling costumes and stunning floats. The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is very stylish, with its colonial style houses next to modern high-rise towers. A turn in the capital of Trinidad and Tobago continually visit colorful markets, bazaars and shopping centers with a hodgepodge of Gothic cathedrals, mosques and Hindu temples which shows the diversity of cultures and creeds throng the streets of capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

Those who want a quieter experience can leave the hectic city behind and explore the beautiful beaches of the coast of Trinidad to the north or walk the wooded mountains of the interior of Trinidad and Tobago. Nature lovers can see on the east coast of Trinidad and Tobago protected wetlands and coconut palms, while in the south of the island of Trinidad and Tobago rectangular can see some charming fishing villages surrounded by quiet and empty beaches.

A national daily ferry service connects Trinidad to his quiet sister island of Tobago, known as the Caribbean’s last unspoiled paradise. Tobago is a typical tropical paradise of palm fringed beaches, green forests and sparkling coral reefs. Tobago also has a treasure trove for nature lovers as there are thousands of birds, butterflies, flowering plants and shrubs. There are 100 different species of mammals and 70 types of reptiles, the most famous of which is the giant leatherback turtle nests in the lee of the northern beaches. South Atlantic is a coastline dotted with fishing villages, while in the interior of Tobago’s geography is mountainous and covered with one of the world’s oldest rainforest.





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