The city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, located in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico was founded by Luis de Córdoba in 1775. The city of Aguadilla is a center with many administrative activities.
For five decades, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico has been a place for the Air Force and a strategic center which was built after the Second World War. Aguadilla has several large and beautiful shopping malls and shops. They also have the center of the largest banks, as Western bank, Citi Bank, Scotia bank and others. Aguadilla was once a village for fishing. Over time, different industrial plants were established in the Technological Park of San Antonio, Camaseyes and Mountain Industrial Park, although there is still great potential for commercial fishing.

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is working on their tourism. They created a water park and a facility for ice skating. Aguadilla is known for its surf beaches that are world class. Aguadilla have the best beaches in comparison with other municipalities. In Aguadilla are organized several events for professional and amateur surfing each year. If you want to surf, you can visit its famous beaches, such as table tops, Surfer’s Beach, survival and ruin. Aguadilla is also known for its beautiful Town Hall which was established in 1918 by Bayan trees, fountains, monuments, parks and plazas of the city and its lights.

The venue hosts events and parties like the Magi each January, SanAntonio and Kite Festival in April, the festival on the beach in May, the tuna festival in July and the Festival of Music from May to July and festivity held every October.