Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic Overview:

The Dominican Republic is the most geographically diverse country in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic offers everything from tropical rainforests and alpine areas of mangrove swamps to desert expanses. These natural gifts of the Dominican Republic offer adventure tours are excellent and eco-tourism options. Of course in the Dominican Republic mountain bikers, hikers and water sports lovers are well served.

A heady mix of Caribbean rhythms, American influences and European descent makes the music of Dominican Republic make be defined as great! The Dominican Republic is a country


with passion for baseball and it completely missed the colonial heritage. The capital of Santo Domingo is very rich in colonial architecture, and serves as the starting point for most cultural visitors from the Dominican Republic, especially those who like their music at full volume: Merengue is heard all the clubs in the Dominican Republic.

Geography of the Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic shares the Caribbean island of Spanish with the nation of Haiti. But the Dominican Republic is larger than its French-speaking neighbors, who make up the eastern two-thirds of the landmass. A series of mountain ranges stretch across the border, especially in the part of the Cordillera Central – the top of Pico Duarte is the highest point of the country, 3175m (10414ft).


Caribbean beaches in the Dominican Republic.

The landscape of the Dominican Republic is often forest and undulating, with a multitude of valleys, plains and plateaus. The soil is fertile, with excellent white sand beaches in the north, southeast and east coast. Ten percent of the country was in the 1970 protected as National Parks and reserves for scientific study and despite occasional hurricanes and fires, these areas remain largely intact. Currently there are 17 National Parks in the Dominican Republic.

The capital city of Santo Domingo is located on the south coast (which provides a stop for cruise ships), while the second largest city of the Dominican Republic is located in the central-north-west.


Map Dominican Republic

Scientific Reserve Bank of Silver is an underwater park located on the north coast, created to preserve a breeding ground for thousands of humpback whales that visit every winter, the Dominican Republic.

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