Music from El Salvador

The music of El Salvador shows many cultural and religious influences. Catholicism has made a huge impact on the culture of El Salvador, which is also reflected in the music of the


Music in El Salvador has religious songs, which are mostly Catholic. These were used during the Christmas and other holidays, especially during the festival held on holy days.

Folk songs are also very important to the music of El Salvador. The music includes modern Salvador Cumbia, hip hop, salsa and Reggaeton. However, the traditional music of El Salvador was heavily influenced by native cultures. The Spanish conquest also played a role in the culture and music of El Salvador. So today, Spanish music is very popular in El Salvador. However, some genres of popular music includes El Salvador pipiles Maya y songs that are mostly made on the basis of drums,

Music of El Salvador

Music of El Salvador

flutes and rattles.

Over time, even the music in El Salvador had fusion of classical European music with the music native to El Salvador and became very popular among the people of El Salvador. The mixture of European classical music styles with traditional Spanish music and Music in El Salvador is really exquisite. The popular music of El Salvador is based on instruments such as drums, flutes, knives, guitars and pumpkins.

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