Girls from Nicaragua

girls from nicaragua

How are the girls in Nicaragua?
Although girls in Nicaragua are not so different from girls in the U.S we can say that Nicaragua girls differ in some respects. For example the girls of Nicaragua can basically be divided into two regions. The girls in Nicaragua in the western part of Nicaragua are heavily influenced by the country of Spain, which is the country that colonized Nicaragua. These girls in Nicaragua practice Catholicism and speak Spanish as their primary language. Due to influences from Spain, Nicaragua girls have a culture similar to that of Spain and girls are similar to other Latin American countries that were also colonized by Spain.

The eastern part of the country was once ruled by Britain, therefore, the influences are different from the western side. Nicaragua girls are closer to the English speaking Caribbean as a first language and preferred religion is Protestant and not Catholic. Most of the girls in Nicaragua are quite young, with 40 percent of girls under 18 Nicaragua. As with most countries, girls in Nicaragua have unique traditions that are unique to them. In the field of arts, poetry is an art that several girls in Nicaragua have been recognized and praised by international critics.




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