5 things that you need to do in your next travel to Barbados Island

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Believe or not in Barbados you can eat Fish Balls and drink Banks Beer in the movie theater.

Not.. Isn’t a male fish.. in Barbados is very popular the Flying Fish this little fish is one of the definitive features of your typical Barbados meal.

Five things that you can do in your next trip to Barbados Island.

1. Cup Platform Vessel

Whether or not you are keen on sea lifestyle, you will appreciate a trip on a glass bottom boat in Barbados. On the glass bottom boat trip you will be handled to an pleasant vacation while watching a extensive and vibrant range of seafood, sea vegetation and barrier structures through the glass lower boat.


At certain factors of the trip, experienced and experienced books will offer guidelines about scuba snorkeling and snorkeling in the breathtaking, pink ocean where you can communicate with unique sea lifestyle and nourish the friendly hawksbill turtles.

2. Plants Over Occasion

You have not experienced Barbados until you have experienced the popular Plants Over Occasion. The festival starts in July with the Ceremonial Distribution of the Last Walking canes, a meeting in which the last glucose canes of the crop season are endowed and the Master and King of the crop are popular.

Crop Over is a celebration festival with plenty of fetes, events and reveals such as but are not restricted to: Calypso camp tents, Cohobblopot (a large celebration event where the very best local and local artistes execute before a very sensitive crowd).

Pic-o-de-Crop is another major emphasize of Plants Over where the crème de la crème of calypsonians execute social-commentary calypsos and vie for the headline of Pic-o-de-Crop Monarch, among many, many more actions.

All throughout this local festival, you can appreciate various actions that are unique to Barbados. The Springtime Lawn road is modified into all night road celebration with plenty of Bajan special treats.

The festival finishes with Huge Kadooment, which is organised on the first Thursday of Aug. This takes the form of a large road celebration where a large number of revelers masquerade in vibrant and well developed outfits illustrating various factors of Barbadian lifestyle.

The celebration usually starts at Warrens, St. Eileen and finishes along the Springtime Lawn Highway and individuals be a part of the continuous road celebration where the best of Barbadian Mementos and Designs can appreciate the best of Barbadian lifestyle along the way.

The Plants Over Occasion is experienced by individuals from every strata of lifestyle.

3. Oistins Fish Market in Barbados

Oistins Fish Fry Christ Church Barbados
Each Friday and Saturday night hundreds of locals and visitors flock to Oistins for the Fish-Fry, an opportunity to enjoy the very best local food – fried and grilled fish, fish cakes, sweet potato, macaroni pie, and coleslaw

Oistins is one of the four areas in Barbados and is the biggest sportfishing group. On saturdays and sundays the roads of Oistins become a meals event where guests and residents head have fun with the very best of local Bajan special treats prepared on the spot.

At Oistins, one can see many Barbadian sportfishing vessels for sale and during the Easter time few days, one can experience the Oistins Fish Occasion which will pay respect to those individuals who have made a significant participation to the sportfishing industry. Some of the actions which take place during the festival are: the going up the of the oil post, launching the sportfishing net, dominos and diving competitions and much more.


On Weekend and Weekend night time many guests and residents head to Oistins for the every week Fish Fry, which allows for guests have fun with the very best of local special treats while taking in the appears to be of local songs.

4. Holetown Bahamas

Originally known as Jamestown, Holetown is mainly a traditional website, after its benefactor Master Wayne I of Britain, this was the website of the first agreement in Barbados. Holetown is home to yearly Holetown Occasion which remember the first agreement in Barbados.

The festival usually starts delayed Feb and takes one weeks time. During this weeks time there are many actions to take in some of which include: beauty competitions, actions by our local cops group and their floodlit body art and vintage car display among many more. The festival finishes with a display of local artistry and art, meals and songs.

5. Harrison’s Cavern

Located in the main parish of St. Johnson, Harrison’s Cavern is one of the biggest amazing things of Barbados.

The cave is a wonderful display of stalactites and stalagmites, sources of superior water running through. The stalactites and stalagmites were established over many years and some have even signed up with to create support beams.

Visitors are transferred in electronically operated trams through the cave system and at certain factors they are permitted to get off and stroll along a amazing fountain. Well qualified and friendly books offer traditional and regional information about the cave along the way.

The viewer’s center was developed to combination in with the natural limestone scenery, provides drinks and features a extensive range of handmade items and relics which have been acquired from various sites around the isle.
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