30 measures that will impact the lives of Cubans


Following the publication of the final documents adopted at the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) will start to come into force in the country a series of measures that will impact the lives of Cubans in the next five or 10 years.

From the view of staff and experts, Café Fuerte has prepared this list of 30 proposals included in the list of 313 items adopted in the party caucus, and we consider the immediate effects summary will have on the population and domestic economy Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, adopted on 18 April.

Here is a selection made after consultations with people inside and outside Cuba, and editorial policies, but you can also disagree and form his own from original documents published.

The impact of more than 30 measures for Cubans

1 – Remove the entitlements undue and excessive subsidies under the principle of compensating the needy and not to subsidize products in general.

2 – Implementing the orderly and gradual elimination of the ration card as a form of rationed, egalitarian and subsidized prices.

3 – Maintain workplace cafeterias where they will be essential, ensuring the collection of their priced services without subsidies.

4 – Increase wages gradually, initially targeted to activities with more efficient results and the work of those workers who provide direct benefits economic and social impact.

5 – Progress towards monetary union, considering labor productivity and effectiveness of delivery mechanisms.

6 – Promote the development of domestic tourism by creating offerings that allow greater use of the facility in hotels and other recreational and historical attractions of the country.

7 – Consider a policy that provides Cubans residing in the country to travel abroad as tourists.

8 – Diversify assortments, quality and prices of products and services offered to meet the demands of various segments of the population.

9 – Prioritize and expand the rehab program networks, water and sewer to the house, with the aim of improving water quality, reduce losses, increase recycling and thus reduce energy consumption.

10 – Construction materials bound for the conservation, rehabilitation and construction of homes will be sold at prices not subsidized.


11 – Set the sale of homes and other forms of flexible transfer of ownership (exchange, donation and others) between individuals.

12 – Increase the housing stock from the housing recovery is now employed in administrative or state.

13 – In the non-state forms of management will not be permitted concentration of ownership in legal entities or individuals.

14 – Set the automotive media sales between individuals.

15 – Implementing new forms of recovery in the urban passenger transport in terms of minimizing evasion and diversion of revenue.

16 – Develop a strategy for the progressive modernization of the national air fleet of short range and its efficient use in order to be able to assume the rate of growth of tourism and domestic demand.

17 – Consider the creation of specialized companies nationwide in the functions of construction projects and programs such as golf courses, dolphins, marinas, spas, theme and water parks, which are closely linked to the tourism infrastructure.

18 – Study released from domestic fuel sales and other advanced technologies for cooking, as an additional option prices and unsubsidized.

19 – will be prioritized to achieve the electricity savings potential identified in the state sector and will work to achieve the capture of opportunities for improvement in the residential sector, including the revision of electricity tariffs in force to fulfill its role as regulator of claim .

20 – In the non-state forms of production and services, are on their own or in co-electricity tariff will be applied without subsidies.

21 – will develop supply markets that sell at wholesale prices and provide services and equipment rental means, without subsidy, the enterprise system, the budget and non-state forms of management.

22 – Increase and diversify the supply of credit to people to purchase products and services.

23 – Develop a comprehensive strategy in the export of services, particularly professionals, to prioritize the sale of projects or technological solutions, and provides for flexible analysis of recruitment of individual labor.

24 – Reorder gradually the school network. Keep in middle school and high school students the bare minimum of internal and reduce expenses for transportation, food and material base of life.

25 – Continue promoting educational areas to avoid self-medication of the population and implement other measures that contribute to the rational use of medicines.

26 – Transform the system of collection and marketing of agricultural production through more flexible management tools that help reduce losses, to simplify the links between primary production and the final consumer, including the possibility that the producer contributes to the market themselves.

27 – Keep the State’s regulatory role in price formation collection of agricultural products replace imports or generate exports, to encourage primary producers.

28 – Ensure compliance with production schedules of rice, beans, corn, soybeans and other grains to ensure increased production, contributing to the gradual reduction of imports of these products.

Fidel Castro president of Cuba

29 – Increasing foreign investment in activities that are of interest in the country.

30 – Set a time limit for foreign investment patterns formed that fail to materialize their home on schedule and decide on your destination, avoiding continue indefinitely consuming resources and increasing inefficiency.

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