Have Mineral Water Spray, Will Travel

A Simple Solution To Complex On-The-Go Skin Problems

You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to have problematic skin, but traveling certainly exacerbates the quandary of maintaining a healthy, hydrated complexion.
Here’s how Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray comes to your rescue every time:

Dry Skin

Most people don’t drink their recommended daily amount of water, which can leave skin dull and dry. sun protect travel Especially when you don’t have time to stop and moisturize, a quick spray hydrates and nourishes what your complexion is likely lacking. Experts in the medical community suggest males should consume approximately 12 cups (nearly 3 liters) of water in a day and females around 9 cups (or 2.2 liters), near impossible amounts when you’re on the go!

Tired Skin


Few things can make you look or feel more worn and weary than jet lag, and short of a solid eight hours of sleep, it’s difficult to wake up a tired face. Mineral water spray, however, instantly penetrates the outer layers of skin, livening and lifting. Unlike the caffeinated beverage you probably reach for to nudge you awake, which is a diuretic, meaning it pulls moisture from your body, all natural mineral water opens your tired eyes in a beneficial and nourishing way.

Facing Humidity

Going from one climate to another, or simply from the cool indoor air-conditioning to a midsummer night’s humidity, a quick spritz refreshes and invigorates. Humidity can leave your complexion red, irritated and even bumpy – solve the potential problems quickly and efficiently with a solution that fits right in the palm of your hand.

Razor Burn

The benefits of mineral water spray are not limited to women only: Men, too, need skin-freshening, especially after shaving. While aftershaves and colognes can be harsh, particularly on weary skin, mineral water is light, simple and non-irritating.

mineral water spray


Other benefits of Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray:

* No harmful additives or preservatives
* Immediate great cooling effect
* Not tested on animals
* 100% all natural

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Whether trotting around the globe or simply trying to keep a healthy glow all the livelong day, mineral water spray is the solution you’ve been looking for. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how your face ever survived the world without it.