Obama and his foreign policy in Latin America (The real scandal of Cartagena)

The real scandal of Cartagena made by Obama


Reelection campaign of President Barack Obama launched his first Spanish-language ads this week, just after returning from the Summit of the Americas. Obama spent three days in Colombia, longer than any president in U.S. history. However, the trip was marked by a prostitution scandal involving the Armed Forces and the U.S. Secret Service. Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chief of Joint Staff of the Army, said: “disappoint the boss, because of all the talk about Colombia is of this incident.” Dempsey is right. The incident also served as a


metaphor of how a government attempt to Latin America.

Eleven members of the U.S. Secret Service and five members of the U.S. Army Special Forces would be involved in the scandal. The officers allegedly had encounters with prostitutes in one or more bars of Cartagena and took about 20 women at the hotel. Some probably were minors. All this must be investigated thoroughly, but also should be analyzed the political positions that Obama promoted in Cartagena.

First, its position on the war on drugs. On this subject President Obama declared at the summit: “It is entirely legitimate to have a conversation about whether existing laws cause more harm than good in certain places. My personal position and that of my government is that legalization is not the answer. ” Ethan Nadelmann, founder and CEO of the Alliance for a Drug Policy, based in New York, said that despite Obama’s predictable declaration, the summit showed “the transformation of regional and global dialogue about policies drugs …. This is the first time in history that a president says that we are willing to consider the possibility that U.S. policy regarding drugs are causing more harm than good in some parts of the world. ” Ethan Nadelman explains that this is the result of the growing consensus across the political spectrum in Latin America since former president Vicente Fox as important, of Mexico, which is in favor of legalizing drugs, to the current heads of state, as the Current Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who said the main problem is the voracious demand for drugs in the United States.

Nadelman said: “There is also somewhat unusual situation of Evo Morales,

Obama Scandal in Cartagena
Obama Scandal in Cartagena
Bolivian President leftist and former coca growers ‘union leader, who alleccionó United States with a phrase that could be a quote from Milton Friedman:’ How do you intend we reduce the offer if there is demand? ‘. Then we are at the beginning of a change. Think you can not turn back. “

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