UK: More than 130 hotels under development in the Caribbean region, as reported by STR Global


UK. STR and STR Global (STR, Deloitte HotelBenchmark and The Bench) published its report in June of hotels under development in the Asia / Pacific, Caribbean / Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and Africa / Middle East. According to the report, the Caribbean and Mexico, the figure rises to 130 establishments, with a total of 19,582 rooms.

Among the countries in the region Caribbean / Mexico, the latter nation in June concluded with the largest number of rooms in development, with 12 091. Over 50% of those rooms (6525) were in construction phase. Other countries with significant numbers were Bahamas (1604 rooms), Dominican Republic (1603), Jamaica (860) and Puerto Rico (650).

Central and South America in June had 169 hotels under development, with a total of 27,676 rooms. In the region, the largest number of rooms in development sector accounted Upscale, with 26% of the total, 7,193 quarts. In addition, the middle segment (midscale) reported 25.2% and 6963 rooms, followed by the top or Upper Scale (22.7% and 6294) and the Upper Middle High or midscale (3.8% to 1,062).

Other figures were developing hotels in June for the Asia Pacific region, 1,240 hotels with 307,346 rooms.
STR Construction Pipeline Report June


2011 indicates that the segment with the largest share of rooms under development in the region was the highest standard (Upper Scale), with 26.6% of the total, about 81,600 rooms. They also have more than 15% of developments other three segments: Upscale standard or high (23%, 70,784 quarts), the House (18.1% 55,551 quarts) and the unaffiliated hotels (16.9% 51,793 rooms). The economy segment (Economy) has the lowest share with 0.9% and 2911 rooms.
In Europe there were 786 hotels in June to 127,520 quarts developing. The UK topped the list with 15,030 rooms under construction a total of 38,339 in development. Other leading countries in terms of rooms under construction were Russia (6341), Germany (5583), Turkey (4343) and France (3172).
Africa and Middle East had 466 hotels under development in June, with 127,704 rooms. Most rooms Dubai was under construction, with 13,359 out of 27,564 in development. Other markets with over 1,000 rooms under construction were Abu Dhabi (7438) Saudi Arabia (3312), Egypt (1977) and Jordan (1547).

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