West Bay Beach Diving World Party Wonderful Hotels in Honduras

west bay beach honduras


West Bay Beach Diving World Party Wonderful Hotels in Honduras. Being the first beach on the Roatan Island’s sport life and an oasis off the modern life.

Beautiful fine white sand at the edge of the rainforest, amazingly clear and blue sea on their coasts, the Isle of Roatan is one os the jewels of the Caribean in Honduras.
Roatan Honduras dive
The isle of Roatan off the shore of Honduras has long been known to divers for its marine attractiveness and variety.

Has the globe’s second-longest coral reefs offshore is all around the isle with immediate accessibility to and from the white-sand seashores.

The water is very clear and warmed by the sun all year around, showing tonnes that vary from dark azure to aqua blue.

Roatan’s abundant green-dressed slopes and valleys give outstanding viewpoints from every standpoint.

But in West Bay Beach must look to the people, not just the landscape, as Roatan has a wealthy diverse and international lifestyle.

Residents are like all living together in an environment of welcome pleasure with a more slow and gradual way of life. In fact, many speak both English and Spanish, more that could be expected in a Latin Country.

West Bay Beach Roatan Honduras Visitors used to be predominantly divers but the isles seashores have drawn extra package deal tourists and family vacation cruises.

In the recently decades, new luxury cruise ports have been made, resulting in a considerable increase of tourists to this tropical isle.

You’ll know when the vacation ships get there because instantly there are several additional guests on the seashores and in restaurants or bars.

It is best to avoid buying anything when the cruise ships are docked, the prices of food, products, and services usually dual to multiply by 4 to take advantage of the higher disposable earnings of the cruise vacation traveller.


Several vacation lines have like “spots” in Roatan, but some docking station only in the unique private cities and seashores possessed by the lodging, and you will hardly notice them except for a large amount of people earlier mentioned.

Luckily there are still areas of the isle that are hard to interests them, as West Bay, that is more of a distant location.

Keep in mind that visiting the far west end of the isle can take some time due to street circumstances of the isle.

Being there, watching the sea while your bare feet are touched by this beautiful and crystal blue sea is easy to feel a thousand miles away from anywhere.

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