Guide to Traveling to Belize: Activities and Accommodation

Introduction to Belize and Reasons to Visit

Belize, a hidden gem in the heart of Central America, offers a mosaic of cultures, landscapes and experiences. This destination, bathed in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, promises unforgettable adventures for both nature lovers and culture seekers. Here, we present five reasons why Belize should be on your list of upcoming destinations.

  1. Impressive Natural Diversity: Belize is home to the second largest coral reef in the world. This underwater paradise is a magnet for divers and snorkelers, who immerse themselves in its waters to explore an unparalleled marine biodiversity. On land, the Maya biosphere reserve and numerous national parks protect rainforests, rivers, and a vast fauna.
  2. Unique Cultural Wealth: The influence of ancient Mayan civilizations is still palpable in Belize. Archaeological sites such as Xunantunich and Caracol transport you to an era of pre-Columbian splendor. In addition, the mixture of Creole, Garifuna, and Menonite cultures adds a rich cultural and gastronomic diversity.
  3. Endless Adventures: From kayaking in the river to hiking in the dense jungle, through caving in mystical caves such as the Actun Tunichil Muknal, Belize offers exciting adventures for all tastes. Sport fishing is another outstanding activity, with opportunities to catch fish such as bonefish and tarpon.
  4. Tranquility and Rest: Unlike other more crowded Caribbean destinations, Belize offers a more intimate and quiet experience. You can relax on almost pristine beaches, enjoy hospitality in boutique accommodations, and immerse yourself in the serenity of its uninhabited islands.
  5. Accessibility and Variety: Belize is a small country, which allows you to easily explore its diversity in a single trip. The offer of activities is varied, satisfying both those seeking relaxation and adventurers. In addition, its friendly people and the fact that English is the official language facilitate a comfortable and enriching travel experience.

Belize awaits you with open arms, offering a perfect escape for those looking for adventure, culture, and nature in one place. Are you ready to discover this Central American treasure?

What to visit, what to do and where to stay

Not only dazzles by its natural beauty, but also by the diversity of activities and accommodation options it offers to its visitors.

From archaeological explorations to retreats on private islands, this country has something special for every traveler.

What to visit

The Great Blue Hole: One of the most famous diving sites in the world, this natural wonder is an unmissable show for lovers of diving and snorkeling.

Maya Biosphere Reserve: Explore the rich biodiversity of Belize and marvel at its flora and fauna in this protected area.

San Ignacio: This vibrant town is the perfect starting point for adventures in the Mayan ruins and the surrounding nature reserves.

What To Do

Diving and Snorkeling: The crystal clear waters of Belize are a paradise to explore marine life on the Mesoamerican Reef.

Cave Tour: Venture into the Actun Tunichil Muknal for a unique experience, exploring caves that were once sacred to the Mayans.

Birdwatching: With more than 570 species of birds, Belize is a first-class destination for birdwatchers.

Where To Stay

Ambergris Key: The largest island in Belize offers everything from luxury resorts to budget accommodation, perfect for any budget.

Placencia: Known for its white sand beaches and its relaxed atmosphere, it is ideal for those looking for tranquility.

Hopkins: This small town of Garifuna is perfect to experience the local culture and enjoy the hospitality of Belize.

Regardless of where you decide to stay, you will find options ranging from the casual luxury of resorts on private islands to ecological cabins in the jungle, all offering an authentic and memorable experience.

Belize combines adventure with comfort, ensuring that every day is full of discoveries and relaxation.

Practical Tips for Your Trip: Preparations

Preparing your trip to Belize is exciting, and to ensure a smooth experience, here are some practical tips:

  • Necessary Documentation: Make sure you have your passport up to date. Visitors from many countries can enter Belize without a visa for stays of up to 30 days, but always check the specific requirements for your country before traveling.
  • Currency and Payments: The official currency is the Belize dollar, but the US dollar is widely accepted. Although many establishments accept credit cards, carrying some cash is useful, especially in more remote areas.
  • Health and Safety: Belize is generally a safe country for tourists. However, as in any destination, it is prudent to take basic safety precautions. As for health, check if you need any vaccines before traveling and always drink bottled water.
  • Best Time to Visit: The dry season, from November to April, is the best time to visit Belize, since there is less rain and the weather is cooler. However, the rainy season offers the advantage of fewer tourists and lower prices.
  • How to Get Around: Belize has a public transport network and taxi services, but renting a car offers you greater flexibility to explore. The small size of the country makes driving from one place to another relatively quick and easy.
  • Language: English is the official language, which facilitates communication for English-speaking travelers. However, learning some basic phrases in Belizean or Spanish Creole can enrich your experience and help you connect better with the locals.
  • Respect for Culture and the Environment: Belize is proud of its rich cultural diversity and its commitment to the conservation of the environment. It respects local traditions and contributes to the preservation of ecosystems by participating in responsible tourism.

How to travel to Belize

Flight: The fastest and easiest way to get to Belize is by plane. Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) is the main airport in the country, located about 15 kilometers from the City of Belize.
Several international airlines offer direct flights to Belize from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Central America. There are also domestic flights that connect Belize with other cities within the country.

Cruise: If you are looking for a more relaxed option, you can get to Belize on a cruise. The cruise ships dock in the City of Belize and the island of Cayo Caulker. This option allows you to visit as part of a broader itinerary that includes other Caribbean countries.

Land: It is possible to get to Belize by land from Mexico or Guatemala. From Mexico, you can cross the border at the checkpoint of Sub-Teniente López, located about 14 kilometers from the city of Chetumal.

From Guatemala, you can cross the border at the Benque Viejo del Carmen checkpoint, located about 100 kilometers from Guatemala City. There are buses and taxis available on both sides of the border to transport you to your destination in Belize.

Entry requirements: To enter Belize, citizens of most countries need a valid passport and a visa. You can get a visa on arrival at the airport or online before your trip. It is recommended to verify the specific entry requirements with the embassy or consulate of Belize in your country of origin.

By following these tips, you will be well prepared to enjoy everything that this country has to offer.

From its impressive natural landscapes to its vibrant cultural mix, promises to be a destination that you will remember forever. More places to visit in Belize in your next travel.