Circumvent latin girl for one night and a bottle of whiskey?


You just have to hit the numbers to spend the night with a hot Latin girl.

If you want to be with a voluptuous, beautiful, hot Latina


girl and obedient, you have to hit it just about numbers, that is what they are doing in a province of Spain.

It has caused a tremendous stir publicity in Cantabria, Spain, where a ticket costs 20 euros if you want to enter a raffle for a night with a beautiful America, at least they put it on the poster.

But the girl is not only America, but the whole package is a room in a hotel and a bottle of whiskey, or to which they are given, they get drunk and ended the night of passion, that do not specify whether full or only night you can enjoy the company of this Latin so seductive.

But what may seem like a joke or something to take lightly may be a crime as the general director of Equality, Women and Youth of Spain, Isabel Gomez-Barreda said of the investigation, it could be a plagiarism, people trafficking or fraud, among other possible crimes.

Latin Girl Hot
Latin Girl Hot

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