Visit Semuc Champey a paradise in Alta Verapaz Guatemala

One of the most visited attractions in Alta Verapaz, is Semuc Champey in Guatemala and the caves of Lankin.
semuc champey guatemala
It is close to the water and that make it a great family destination, as well as accessible Lankin caves in Guatemala.


Semuc Champey in Guatemala is definitely one of the places that I recommend you to visit when you go travel to Alta Verapaz, are the pools of Semuc Champey

The name, by “average” with the information gathered, means “holy water hidden in the stone”. And the strong channel river reaches deep into the rock and leaves the surface a series of pools of calm water.

Semuc Champey in Guatemala, is an amazing place, I visited this place in the spring season, on Easter, with some friends .

We wanted a place far, interesting and with cool weather. Some people told us that only four-wheel drive cars could get to Semuc Champey in Guatemala, but the Mitsubishi Llancer that we had , was perfect, and actually have to travel to reach a sludge road about 1 hour, well, maybe the first time feel very long way since these times makes you shorter route. You only see curves and more curves, and it seems that is an unknown world you’re going.

We arrived at the Hotel Lanquín to check-in, being easter prices were different, and despite the distance, the hotel was full and saw several cars to Semuc Champey in Guantemala.

They are approximately 5 miles to the pools from the Hotel. An entry for the dates had a variety of food sales. From the entrance you walk like a block and a half after you can see a beautiful water pools, crystalline and turquoise water but while there are several wives and are surrounded by trees. It is easy to see the bottom. Near the Hotel you will find lanking caves. That day being part of easter, had an incredible amount of people, bathing and eating lunch in the shade.

I could go for a swim in this water and I have to say that being a hot day, it was refreshing, and fun at the same time that some pools are deep enough to practice diving or snokerling.

Bring snorkel or mask is not a bad idea. Semuc Champey in Guatemala is an wonderful place, but also I need to mention you some risk.

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Near a backside, above, passes the current of the river in a channel louder calling enough attention, so a slip would be sufficient for the current take you kilometers away, so no need to walk around the bank of the stream even it is attractive and many people will come to watch it, is really little danger …


I have heard of cases of accidents in this part and could be avoided. But dont let this to scare you, just be very careful and avoid risky places walking prudently in the safe parts. Remember that the rock is quite smooth near the edge of the runway.

If you go to the caves, there is light, but they turn off at 5 in the afternoon, so it is better to make the visit much before that time.
One thing i can say.. I can assure you that they are places worth visiting, at other times than easter, is less crowded and Hotel rates are more cheaper, but you can camp nearby places.

Semuc Champey in Guatemala is certainly a very interesting place to visit … a beautiful place of our beloved Guatemala in Central America

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