How I Learned To Love By Traveling Solo

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There isn’t going to be a single person on Earth who doesn’t love traveling. Ask as many people you want to and they will all say that they love to travel.


It is a therapy that has no bounds, and a person feels vivid and lively when he or she is at their favorite place.
It is something that everyone should be able to do at least once or twice every year.
There are infinite advantages in traveling, and if I start discussing them here, this article will never end.
Your soul calms down when you see a beautiful place and feel it firsthand. You release stress and reset your body and mind to take on new challenges and prospects of life.
So taking a trip to your favorite place once a year at least is a must for everyone. But the biggest hindrance to planning a trip is the unavailability of people who are our family, friends, or loved ones.
We all love to spend time with our loved ones, especially at exotic places where we travel.
However, if they are unavailable, I ask of you not to cancel your plans and go for a trip if even you have to do it alone.
Planning a trip and setting sail to your favorite place on Earth alone is indeed a challenge in itself.
But the results are eye-opening and certainly the best for you.

Traveling alone and falling in love
Traveling solo is always demanding. A person will always think what he will do at a destination if he is alone.
Will there be someone for the company? How will time pass if there is no TV or internet?
And what if he or she gets into any sort of trouble, whom to do in that case? These questions are the most basic and a person will always ask them to himself or herself before committing to solo travel.
However, as traveling awareness has enhanced, more people are able to travel alone and enjoy a good deal of time.
The only rule of solo travel is to be with you, solve problems on your own, love your passions, adapt to new environment, and even fall in love with yourself, or someone you have met on the trip.
It gives an exclusive opportunity to all solo travelers to explore new ventures at new places.
When I first decided to travel alone, it was due to the unavailability of my friends. I heard a lot about Denmark and its friendly people and wanted to find out for myself how a 3-day trip will unfold there.
I was a bit nervous, but once I boarded my flight to Copenhagen from Heathrow, London, everything changed. My mind adapted to being alone and I was much more confident when talking to new people from the plane.
It was an amazing experience, and since then I have made countless solo trips and fall in love with different cultures, places, and people.

Travel and fall in love

Traveling alone: How to fall in love with nature, cultures, people, and yourself.
Traveling alone may not seem a good idea, and you may come across discouragement from people whom you think care about you.
However, once you break all shackles and set yourself on the path all alone, you will find out it is simply opposite. It will become so addictive that you will not want to travel with anyone else again.
Read the following discussion and plan your next trip as a solo experience.


Finding out who you really are.
When you are traveling solo, you find out how to take things, encounter problems and solve them all by yourself. You test your resilience and patience as there is no one else to provide you with relief.
Even if you ask for anyone’s help, you have to make an approach. In this way, you become a better person and possess a skill of finding solutions quicker.
You are also proud of yourself and your achievements.
I used to suffer from travel anxiety when I used to travel with others. I felt the same when I traveled alone, but I had to correct myself. Now I am much comfier and feel proud that I stood up for myself.

Solo traveling is freedom,

When you are all alone anywhere, you are closer to your freedom. You can do anything as it pleases you and the best part is you don’t need to ask for someone else’s suggestions.
You are also responsible for all your actions, and this will make you a better person.

We can rediscover our passions.
When traveling alone, we are closest to ourselves. We have all the time in the world to think about people we meet, places where we have gone or going, and what we will like to do once we get there.
In this way, we can realize what we actually love to do and what our passions really are.

Meeting new people.
The best thing about traveling alone is being able to meet and greet new people, and rely a bit on them.
We try to adapt to their culture, and try their cuisines, take part in their customs and festivals.
We also meet new people and sometimes we can fall in love with them. When you are a free soul, you are free to do anything, even falling in love.

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