Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Central America

monteverde cloud forest costa rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

After a cultural and naturally stunning tour to Morocco, it’s really hard for the traveller to stay
between the hustle and bustle of the city. It seems as you are dragged back to the hell from the oasis of serenity.
Central America is another charming attraction for the travellers that are seeking an escape to the peaceful ambience.
Central America may not be appealing to all people community but it will remain the sight attraction for tranquillity seekers. It is great for peace lovers, add Central America and its attractions in your travel bucket list.


1. Monteverde Cloud Forest
This dense green forest is located in Costa Rica. This forest is admired for its beauty but travellers are attracted to the serenity it is offering.
Butterfly garden tour, birding to the treetop walkways are the main attractions of the forest.
Get your camera along as you’ll have many chances to test and prove your photography skills.

2. Ambergris Caye
An island in Belize that is known for its water sports, scuba diving and unlimited fun at the beaches.
It is always a pleasure to sit down for a while and let the life flow, these moments peace is very rare in a busy life. If you’ve got a chance then, never skip it and avail it as soon as possible.
Plan your next holidays in Central America. Enjoy at the beaches and be the one to take thrilling water activities.

3. Roatan, Honduras
A prominent scuba diving vacation spot and cruise ship port-of-call, Roatan is the major of the Bay Island destinations, off the eastern seacoast of Honduras.
Between the second-largest barrier reef in the world, Roatan is a chief spot for snorkelling and snorkelling.
What’s more, the island’s beaches provide an array of activities from swimming to water-skiing and dolphin watching.

4. Antigua city, Guatemala
The city is the real representation of spanish architecture. Although fire ad earthquake has done a lot of damage in the past this is preserving best of the architecture.
This city is also a heaven for history enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

5. Ometepe Island on Nicaragua
An Island is made by joining volcanic mountains. A place is naturally stunning, the view of the lake and then tourists will have various local festivals to enjoy.
Other than that, this destination is perfect to escape from business for a little while and enjoy yourself.


6. Manuel Antonio National Park on Costa Rica
Wildlife view is at its best. Birds from different backgrounds and animals of unique breeds are depicting the beauty of our Lord.
Nature lovers or someone who wants to test his wildlife photography can have all of its experiments at the Manuel Antonio national park.

7. Panama Canal
Panama City is ranked in one of the best places to visit in Morocco. Panama Canal is its most attractive site for the tourists.
Other than then resting and spending leisure time at the canal, one can roam around the city and enjoy other sights to visit.

8. Granada, Nicaragua
Old regal city of Nicaragua. A place that is most visited by the spa lovers and the people who travel to seek some history and culture.
Get ready your camera and prepare yourself to take some notes on the historical traditions of Granada.

9. San Blas Islands
Islands around the calm clear sea. These places are still to establish and discovered by the tourists. A rarely known by the travellers but once you’re in, there is a spectacular and unforgettable meal to enjoy.

10. Xunantunich, Cayo located on Belize
Ruin is famous for the archaeological history and design. It’s towering pyramids and rainforests are most famous among the tourists from all over the world.
However, the internet can only provide you with a half visually appeal of the sites, the real fun is only to be there and experience the beauty on its own.
Central America is not only eye-catching attraction but it is soulfully peaceful for everyone.
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