Guatemala gives a sentence of 6060 years of prison to former militaries


The Court of Justice of Guatemala sentenced four former soldiers for the massacre of 201 peasants in 1982. The four convicts and former members of the Kaibil-a kind of elite squad of the Guatemalan Army, are Daniel Martinez, Manuel Pop, Collin Reyes and Carlos Carias, who received a sentence of 6060 years each.

The statement was released by Judge Patricia Bustamante,


who explained that 6000 years are the result of 30 years in prison for the crime of murder, multiplied by the 201 crimes committed. To this are added 30 years for crimes against humanity.

Spokesmen for various humanitarian organizations in Guatemala, the sentence delivered by the Court of risk is historical, since it breaks impunity and deliver justice to the families of the victims who have waited for over 17 years.

The sentence given to the deceased claims the slaughter known as Las Dos Erres and more than 200,000 Guatemalan citizens who suffered in the armed conflict between 1960 and 1996.

The sentence was not well received by the Military Veterans’ Association of Guatemala (AVEMILGUA), who stated that they allow themselves to be treated as criminals, since according to the group, during the massacre were only defending the institutions in Guatemala, avoiding the “triumph of communism ”

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