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Nicaragua Travel

Sometimes when you travel to Nicaragua, all plans with the traveler who dreams come true in a single destination. This occurs in Nicaragua, a country ideal for those living with the same passion a relaxing trip or an adventurous trip skiing on volcanoes. You can enjoy the sun and beaches, diving, traditions and culture, history marked by a colonial past, natural beauty and biodiversity…

Nicaragua can offer a haven of peace and great adventures, it all depends on what you look for the traveler. Extensive coastal waters and pristine white sand. Such are the hallmarks of Nicaragua, characterized by endless beaches are a paradise for those seeking relaxation in the sun or the activity and action, such as diving. For lovers of this sport, the seabed Nicaraguans are much more than a dive.
They met with emotions such as to explore wrecks in the Caribbean and live the mysteries submerged in the seabed. Some of the most renowned beaches for diving are the beaches of Corn Island, Little Corn Island and Pearl Cays in the Caribbean and the Pacific, the beaches of San Juan del Sur Tola.

Volcano boarding The visit to Nicaragua deserves stop a volcano, not so much to admire, but to descend on a table. Make ‘volcanoboarding’ by an active volcano is one of the attractions unrepeatable and unique experience offered by this destination.

Nicaragua Travel. Travel to Nicaragua

Black Mountain is the volcano, located sixty minutes from the capital Managua, which invites the visitor to be tested this extreme sport practiced sliding down its slopes. Formed in 1850, is the youngest volcano in Central America, having erupted more than twenty times, still active, hence the climb to the top is done under the watchful eye of a smoking crater that emits gases.

Reaches a height of almost five hundred meters above sea level, but their slopes are very steep. Being composed of volcanic sand instead of rock is the perfect place to slide down on a table, more than 50 miles per hour, yes, having risen to the top and have covered the 360-degree panorama obstacles. Green landscapes that contrast with the blackness of the volcano is the first reward after a climb on foot. But the real prize is one minute slide down the slope of the volcano, leaving a trail of ashes to the passage of the table. A unique experience.

Being conquered by the traditional craft The expertise of the Nicaraguan artisans skilled hands can be seen and felt in every corner of the country. In fact, the national craft is a way to enjoy and learn about the destination, thanks to their markets for traditional products like hammocks of colors, sizes made of volcanic stone, natural leather goods and antiques at reasonable prices. Masaya, just 30 minutes from Managua, the capital of the crafts and the cradle of Nicaraguan folklore and here you can find all kinds of crafts. The traveler curious about these treasures should not miss the Indian Monimbó neighborhood in Masaya and the Pueblos Blancos, as Catarina and San Juan de Oriente, which transform the hardworking hands palm, bamboo, leather, clay , wood, stone and fabrics in magnificent and original works of art.

A paradise for nature lovers Although Nicaragua increasingly moving towards tourism ‘five star’, this destination is well aware of its natural and everything can and should offer the traveling naturalist. Hence, admire each square meter of its 76 protected areas and tropical vegetation, covering 17% of the land surface. Nicaragua is great for the environment in which nature has names, such as the Solentiname or Isla de Ometepe, Biosphere Reserve, which is the only island in the world with two volcanoes in the middle of a lake freshwater. The natural attributes list continues with 14 volcanoes, or large lakes and numerous rivers and lakes that cross the territory to which Nicaragua owes them the name “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’. Know Granada

Nicaragua Travel. Travel to Nicaragua The historic city of Granada not only deserves a prominent place on the map of the country for being the oldest city founded by the Spanish mainland. You can also claim to be a haven of tranquility, have a rich historical heritage or to be located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, an example of biological rarity in which you can visit a natural complex consists of 365 islands of volcanic origin, shelter of high biodiversity. The city’s colorful Nicaraguan shown in a special way in the streets and in its market, where the appeal of commodities such as coffee or cocoa compete with iguanas or healers who offer their art to end physical ailments.

Granada’s history is marked by surprising events, such as arson in 1856 by the American filibuster William Walker, who caught the walls and proclaimed himself president. Equally striking is the heritage of the city, including the Casa de la Gran Francia (one of the few buildings that survived the fire), Casa Pellas, the House of the Three Worlds and the San Francisco Convent, which houses a interesting discussion of pre-Columbian stone idols found in the nineteenth century on the island of Zapatero. Adrenaline and surf beaches

Any time of year is suitable for surfing in Nicaragua. There will always be the good weather, great waves can keep the excitement all the time and miles and miles of coastline, either solitary or crowded, to choose where to put on the table. The beaches most suitable for this sport are Aposentillo in the department of Chinandega, Quizales in Managua, and Wood, Manzanillo and Popoyo in the department of Rivas, but there are many more beaches in Nicaragua inviting feel the adrenaline unique surfing conditions.

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