Luxury Cruises in Central America are the most sought after by retired tourists


The image of carefree retirement basking on the deck of a cruise has become a cliché.

However, this segment of travelers, the cliche does not make the journey less desirable.

With plenty of time and different economic priorities, not a few retired people who cast their savings for a vacation on a cruise, largely lured by the idea of ?? being served and let others worry about the details of the itinerary.

Mary Esther lives so Jacques, a former accountant of 60 years, Mexican, who after trying other ways to travel on cruise ships has become to the bone, thanks to the comfortable experience in this medium has found.

‘I climb to cruise, you arrive, you put your suitcase and waking up every day in different places.

You also have the facility there are many things to do on board ‘, narrates with enthusiasm.

Along with her husband of 63 years, also retired, Mary Esther ventures to see new destinations and plan your vacation in mind whenever a ship.

In April this year, traveled for 10 days on a cruise that stopped in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Huatulco and Acapulco finally.

‘As already think every year depending on the cruise.

My husband says’ another cruise? “But happily come back to life,” he says.

Almost like an urban legend known to some retirees prefer to spend their days traveling cruise at sea, instead of living in a fixed residence.

As described by an email circulated on the Internet and Mary Esther gave him an idea for the future.

‘I received an email the other day, maybe it is truth or lie, but I said’ I want to be one of those, “a woman who said she works out cheaper getting on the cruise, with all the amenities for a lower amount than she would pay a stay of older people, “he says.

Experts recognize that this is a practice gaining popularity.


“It’s an emerging trend for people, especially U.S., which live more often than Mexicans separated from their children or other family,” says Beatriz Bonilla, director of Central Mexico cruisers.

A very close is the Siri Bernstein, a retired nurse of 67 years who resides in Florida.

His life as a cruiser, which she shares with her husband, is agitated has made six trips, one around the world, lasting 114 days.

Did another cruise around South America for 85 days and another last summer, heading to Alaska, with a duration of 45 days.

You could say that practically lives on cruise after cruise experience the trip several times, has provided the opportunity to do really.

‘I’ve thought it would be much more enjoyable.

I do not know if it’s cheaper to enjoy the retirement life aboard a cruise, but if you consider everything you have here: classes, shows and good food, it is worth it, “said Siri, grandmother of seven grandchildren.

Last week I traveled the east coast of Canada and the United States aboard the Maasdam, Holland America, a company that has sailed a total of 217 days in four cruises.

This tour, with which celebrates 40 years of marriage to Jerry, 87, will last another 35 days, starting yesterday and continuing along the coasts of Greenland and Iceland to get to Holland.

One of the main reasons why is because these cruisers back on board, accompanied and feel pampered.

The staff, sources say, seeks daily interaction, as well as the dynamics of the boat will get you to others.

The biggest advantage is that retired people can usually travel at any time of year, as they are not constrained by labor holiday, enabling them to find better prices and enjoy longer stays.

‘They tend to travel throughout the year, tend to travel to distant places because they know the places nearby, “says Marco Wosk, director of marketing for Royal Caribbean in Mexico.

As the trend in destinations, routes to Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea, carried out primarily in the month August, is the favorite plan of the Mexican cruise, according to Central Mexico cruisers.

Although, he adds, there is also interest for places in East, South America, the Caribbean, and crossings between Canada and New England, with New York as the main point of the tour.

Some retirees have left home to live on a cruise, perhaps a strong rumor, but what is undeniable is that this segment of travelers choose to spend their free time on these trips that combine just-in-measure rest with entertainment .

With information from Ivett Rangel What they want when traveling by cruise ship, retired persons, in addition to entertainment, look for: • Easy access to enable them to ascend and descend the boat smoothly.

• Invest the time of the trips in recreational activities, going to restaurants and bars, playing at casinos, see shows and be pampered in spas.

• Cabins are designed to foster an enabling them to wake up rested to undertake the visit of the sights on land.

• Avoid long stretches of highway or long stays in airports, more flight hours.

• Know different places without packing and unpacking.

• Menus are varied and tasty, but low in fat, salt, sugar, cholesterol and carbohydrates, gluten free, especially for diabetics and even kosher.

With information from Royal Caribbean Cruise Central Mexico and Mexico.

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