The moon lights up the Iguazu Falls (One of the best tourist destinations in Latin America)

The Iguazu Falls Tours are always amazing but they are much nicer and more romantic when they are seen under the moonlight.


Iguazu Argentina reports that in Easter it will be possible to take the traditional trips to Iguazu Falls under the moonlight.
Iguazu Argentina, the concession of the Iguazu Falls National Park, invites you to live, between 7 and 11 April 2013 a unique experience, enjoying the magic of nature in the light of the moon.
Full Moon Tours or Night tours to the Iguazu Falls are conducted during the full moon each month, aimed at visitors to find a waterfall and a forest different that hide in the night.
This experience, which occurs in few places in the world can see and hear
a lot of nocturnal animals that bring a totally new landscape.
But without doubt the most rewarding feelings come to perceive the force of the falls by using all the senses, which are enhanced by reducing the natural light. Listen and feel this way gives a different dimension to the “experience falls.”
Accompanied by guides and rangers, visitors who choose to live this experience of tours to Iguazu Falls reach the income sector of Iguazú

Iguazu falls at night under the moonlight
Iguazu falls at night under the moonlight

National Park and embark on a train ride on the green of the jungle, to the Devil’s Throat Station. After a walk of a thousand meters reach the most impressive jump, where the night awaits a rainbow reflected in the foam of Iguazu Falls.
Fate, which maintains very high expectations about the level of expected visitors, has received more than 14,000 income during the weekend of February 21, mostly from Argentina, confirming the natural value of the Argentine tourist attractions.

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