10 reasons to fall in love with the people of Thailand

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You can visit the most beautiful places on Earth, eat the most delicious food, enjoy the best sights and tours, but when the local population doesn’t like your presence or is not welcoming, you will end up with despondent and dejected memories only.
But Thailand is a country filled with not only some of the best beaches in the world, forest and mountains to trek and historical sites to visit; it is home to some of the most beautiful people on the planet.


There is a very little chance of crossing path with dark and low-spirited people and you will definitely leave this kingdom full of bright memories and praise for your hosts.
Following are 10 reasons to fall in love with the people of Thailand. If you have visited this beach loaded country, you will agree with every point. And if you plan on visiting, you can expect these following points and much more from the locals.
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Although there might be an exceptional case, the majority of the people in Thailand are modest and down to Earth. You will observe doctors eating with farmers, intermarriages between different communities, wearing casual clothes and much more. With such society, every nation can progress and make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Although tourism is a big part of Thailand, the people are naturally kind and helpful to everyone. They will recommend you how to save money in their country, where to eat, what places to visit and which food to try. They will do everything in their domain to make your visit easier. Although their language is a barrier to communicate with tourists, they will still do anything to try and help.
The diversity of race and religion, but living in harmony, There are only a few other countries in the world where people from multiple races and religion coexist without violence.
Thailand is home to Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, and people following other religions but they live in complete peace and harmony. They even encourage intermarriages and as a result, they are growing as a stronger nation. There are certainly no walls being built in Thailand and everyone is free to practice any religion.

Although most of the people don’t know English or your native tongue; and the Thai language is quite difficult to learn for a short trip. But this obstacle doesn’t stop Thai people from having a healthy conversation with you with the little English they know. They will try their hardest to speak English and communicate with you, so they can solve your problem. We think they need a special appreciation and love from all of us for this maximum effort.

Known to the world as the never-ending land of smiles. Trends change over the season, but smiles are always sported by Thai people. From a clerk at any supply store to the people you meet on the streets, smiles are everywhere and when a positive vibe hit you, it impacts on your whole trip.
A friendly face of a taxi driver, a waitress, and a hostess is the best thing you will see when visiting a foreign country. It forms a connection between 2 different cultures which helps in developing friendships.

Supreme Generosity
When we talk about Thai generosity, there is nothing on this planet that can replace it. Thai people are known to do anything and everything to make you contented with their delicate food, extravagant beaches, exotic hill stations, amazing rivers and wildlife-rich forests. When you are so far from the comfort of your home, these little things are what makes a huge difference in making you feel relaxed and comfy.

Recognition of every lifestyle
You all may have heard about the transgender people in Thailand. Well, they are everywhere but Thailand is the only country where they are accepted. Not only transgender can live and work freely in Thailand, anybody with any lifestyle is welcome to lead their personal lives as they prefer. So enjoy a free of judgments time in this beautiful and gifted country.


Perseverance and inspiration
Thai people are highly patient with almost anything. Suppose you ask a taxi driver to drop you off at a specific location, but he failed to do so and you say any abusive word in the heat of the moment. They won’t be offended this easily and they will probably won’t mind it either. The best thing about them is they will do anything in their power to make it right.

Their urge and dedication
People of Thailand are deeply passionate and dedicated towards their country, King, and the national team. This dedication and passion always help others to take inspiration back home and embrace it to the core. It also makes us fell in love with them, their values and dedication towards the preservation of their country and society.

Unbreakable attitude
Thai people are tough with an unbreakable attitude. They are always overworked and underpaid, yet they are always happy and never complaining. This hardworking trait is very difficult to find among any westerner, which is why we have included it in this list.

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